Casey O’Neill is Hollywood action stuntman, stunt coordination and action designer

Casey O’Neill delivers dynamic and heart-pounding action to the Big Screen time and time again. He is an expert in Film’s most advanced stunt technology and brings his dexterity to life as a stunt coordinator. Having worked with world-renowned actors and award-winning directors for the past 20 years, Mr. O’Neill’s experience excels both on film and behind the scenes.

Casey O’Neill’s unprecedented success in film stems from his tenacious drive and innovative skill set. Working side by side with great names, including Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, Mr. O’Neill strives to deliver the director’s vision while incorporating his own bravado into his work. From pre-production to wrap, he values safety as a foremost priority on every project.

Mr. O’Neill is a four-time Taurus World Stunt Awards nominee and winner in 2012. His skills have also earned him three Screen Actors Guild awards nominations and membership to the elite “Brand X Action Specialists.”

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